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Your favourite product

What is your favourite product? Why?

Clarify question

  • I assume you are talking about digital products and not physical ones. Right? Yes

State the product and what it does

  • I love this platform called “Canva” - a graphic design tool. It is a platform which you can use both via the web & app to design.
  • The designs can vary from logos, youtube thumbnails to videos.
  • The design process is 10x easier and faster. For both amateurs and professionals.
  • In a way, they are empowering the world to design and make it accessible to everyone

What problem does it solve?

  • Design and publishing were not accessible to everyone. You had to download software, commit a lifetime / yearly payment for it, and learn how to use it.
  • With Canva, now anyone can design on the web for free - with an easy learning curve. At the same time, professionals can also use Canva.

Why do you like it - State cases on why it stands out?

  • It made a complex process made very simple, and at the same retaining most of the core elements.
  • The core elements are free for everyone - leading to virality. Users have to pay for convenience. This enabled them to scale at a lower CAC and monetise the users and businesses well.
  • They have 1B+ templates to choose from, powered by their creator community
  • They iterate fast and cater to the changing user needs.

Alternatives & Improvements

  • Recently many solutions are coming up powered by AI to make the design within a few clicks. It will be interesting to see how Canva utilises AI
  • Improvement: They can utilise their editor to create a workspace suite. This can offer an alternative to giants like Google Suites, Microsoft 365 and Notion.