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Understanding Metrics

A product manager needs to know how to measure the success of anything they build or improve.

What are they?
  • Metrics are stats to track the success of a product/feature
  • These can be asked as an extension of product thinking questions.

Why test it?
  • Product Managers are required to measure every product or a feature they build.
  • They often have to improve features iteratively by measuring at every iteration.
  • They also need to prioritise "What to Improve".

What are we looking for?
  • Awareness of how businesses impact is measured and common standards in the relevant industry.
  • Has candidate narrowed on the right metrics to measure.

How to approach if you are preparing for an interview?

Example Questions

  • Which metrics should a SaaS product consider?
  • To track support tickets, what metrics will you consider?
  • You are product manager of a travel booking app for flights. What metrics will you consider?
  • You are in-charge of the payment page for an app. What metrics will you be monitoring?

Clarify question

  • Example: By facebook ads, do you mean only newsfeed ads or all ads including story ads? all ads through facebook

Choose a framework

  • Example: AARRR, HEART

List down metrics using the framework.

Expect follow up questions to reason out why you chose them.