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Problem statements with solutions for a smooth hiring process. Find your next Star PM.

What are they?
  • Problem statements to test if the candidate can think on the feet.
  • Understanding though process of the candidate to arrive at an estimate.

Why test it?
  • Product Managers, need to be estimating a market size, potential and predict outcomes.
  • Tests problem-solving skills.
  • Test business sense.

What are we looking for?
  • The thinking process behind logic and assumptions.
  • We do not look for high accuracy.

How to approach if you are preparing for an interview?

Example Questions

  • How many flights land in San Francisco International Airport every day?
  • How many cars are sold per day in your country?
  • How many tweets are sent per day around the world?
  • Estimate the market size for baby diapers in your country

Clarify question

  • Example: By diapers do you mean only baby diapers, or all diapers including dog diapers
  • Example: Is the estimate for worldwide users or UK alone?

List down the basic facts / numbers related to the questions

  • Example: Population of your country, Average household size
  • Example: Typical email open rate, advertisement click through rate, cost per click
  • Do not know some important basic fact - ask interviewer / state your assumption

Break the estimate into manageable components

  • Example: Cars in London - Population of London, People per household, Cars per household

Estimate with equation

  • Example: No. of households in London, “H” = Population of London / People per household
  • Total Cars in London = H * Cars per household

State your assumptions

  • Example: I assumed people per household in London to be 2.8

Sense Check

  • You found the total cars in London to be 60 million. This is close to the population of UK.
  • This is definitely an overestimate. Go back and check your assumptions, equations
  • Consider some cases you have missed out
  • Consider alternative approaches for a check