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Customer Journey Travel App

You are planning for a new vertical in your travel business - an app for booking flight tickers. Develop the customer journey


  • Are we only considering personal bookings, or are we also looking at business bookings? Personal Bookings
  • Are we focusing on domestic travel, or do we also need to consider international travel? Domestic Travel

User Personas

  • 21-year-old Peter, who wants to book a flight to his home from the nearest airport from his university. He is looking for the best prices.
  • 32-year-old Julia, a frequent flier who wants to book a flight with the best on-time performance.
  • 45-year-old Mike, who is flying with his family for a trip to a coastal city.

Typical Customer Journey

  • Talk to friends about the upcoming trip and browse the internet for booking options.
  • Look up flight prices, schedules, and different routings.
  • Book the most suitable flight and check if the credit card offers any points.
  • Download the ticket to the mobile.
  • Travel, take photos, and share them.
  • Share the travel experience with friends.

Success Metrics

Success Criteria for flight booking platform