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Product Thinking

Product thinking exercises with solutions for a smart hiring process. Find your next Star PM.

What are they?
  • Problem statements testing product thinking and ideation abilities of a candidate.

Why test it?
  • To assess a candidate on the basis of their ability to connect business goals to end user's problems.

What are we looking for?
  • Structuring of thoughts
  • Path take n to arrive at a conclusion
  • Ideation
  • Assumptions

How to approach if you are preparing for an interview?

Example Questions

  • Why is Canva successful?
  • You are planning for a new vertical in your travel business - an app for booking flight tickers. Map the use journey
  • Map the user journey for a free product management course
  • How will you improve restaurant reviews section in Google?

Clarify question

  • Make sure you understand what the problem is. If not, ask clarifying questions
  • Example: Whatsapp has 2 apps - for business, and for consumers. I’m assuming we are talking about whatsapp business, right? Yes
  • Example: When you say users, what exactly or which metric are you talking about? I’m talking about monthly active users.

Structure your path

  • Think of it like a book index, you are providing the structure to the problem solution. The details of each specific aspect can be communicated later
  • Create your own framework after practicing a few exercises
  • Example: Problem Statement & Objective, Identify user personas, Pain points, Current user workflow, Target Segment, Proposed user workflow & improvements (include your solution / new features in this section), State assumptions, Success Criteria / Metrics