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Video Conferencing Tool Metrics

What metrics will a product manager at a video conferencing software company such as Microsoft Teams use to track performance using the AARRR framework?

Here are the metrics using AARRR framework

AARRR Metrics for Video Conferencing Software

Explaining some of the metrics:

  • Activation: The percentage of users who successfully complete the onboarding process and start using the platform can be a useful metric for evaluating the user experience and the ease of use of the software, like: # of user who schedule meeting within a week of sign up.
  • Retention: Average time spent on meeting by users will give a good idea to understand if users are coming back and scheduling more meetings.

What is your key activation metric for new users? and, why?

Percentage of users who schedule a meeting within a week of signing up.

  • This can be considered the "AHA moment" for the platform, as it indicates that users are successfully using the platform and beginning to experience its value.
  • The time it takes for users to reach this moment can also be measured, providing insight into the user experience and the ease of use of the platform.
  • Without scheduling a meeting, users may not fully experience the platform, and without experiencing the platform, they may not be willing to pay for it.
  • If a user has signed up for the platform, it means they have been acquired, but if they do not become activated (i.e. they do not schedule a meeting), it may indicate that they have turned to an alternative platform.