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Whatsapp Business MVP

Propose a user workflow MVP for Whatsapp Business to empower small business owners.
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  • Are we talking about the user workflow strictly?
  • Do you also want me to detail out user personas and more details? Stick to user workflow

User Perspective

  • Who is Adam? - Profile
  • Maintain his inventory - Catalogue with picture of the item, description and price
  • Converse with a customer - Identify a contact from list or go to a group. Strike a conversation over chat.
  • Identify items of interest for a customer. - Browse through the catalogue and find items that match customer's interest.
  • Share the right item with the customer - Send the catalogue to a customer or group
  • Tag those thread which are more likely to be converted - Indicate items selected by the customer.
  • Track his orders - A place to look at the status of all his orders

User Workflow MVP

User Workflow for Whatsapp Business to empower small businesses

Success Criteria

Success Criteria for Whatsapp Business to empower small businesses