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User Retention Pandemic

You are a product manager at a fitness chain which is present in 5 big cities. Due to the pandemic, you have to close down the centres. How will you firefight to retain your users?
Health & Fitness
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  • What is our goal here? Is our goal simply to retain existing paid users? Yes
  • I assume that all the physical centres are closed, and users can only access the product through the app. Is that correct? Yes

User Personas

  • 21-year-old Peter, who recently graduated and moved to San Francisco for work. He has joined our gym to gain weight.
  • 28-year-old Julia, a fitness enthusiast who does yoga at our centre every morning.
  • 33-year-old Olivia, who recently gave birth and wants to lose weight. She has started working out at our centre.


  • Retain existing paid users. Make them return to the app weekly.

How can we achieve it?

  • The users want to continue their fitness routine, but they can't visit the physical centre.
  • The next best option is to do it at home.
  • We should help them to exercise at home and make it a great experience.


  • Pause the users' membership at the physical centre until it reopens. The assumption is that the lockdown will last for a few weeks.
  • Offer the same workout online at scheduled times, with an instructor. Use popular instructors to increase adoption.
  • Provide home care services to help users cope with the pandemic. Increase their trust in the brand.
  • Gamify the experience. Example: Show users how many others are working out from home at the same time. Optionally, allow them to switch on their cameras to see each other. Show them that we are all in this together.

Success Criteria

  • North Star Metrics could be the average session time and the number of sessions per week. This will help us measure how engaged and committed users are to their fitness routines.