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Uber Safety Features

What are some safety features that can be added to a ride-sharing company such as Uber?


  • Are we talking about the safety features in the app / or in the car? in the app

User thoughts on safety

  • I want a safe trip back home
  • I hope the car has enough safety features
  • What if the driver takes me elsewhere?
  • Can I trust this driver to take me home safely?
  • Whom should I contact in case of emergency

Possible solutions

  • Audio reminder to wear seat belt - this feature would play a brief audio message reminding passengers to buckle up at the start of each trip.
  • Record audio during drives - this feature would automatically record audio during each trip, providing a record of any potential incidents.
  • 911 assistance at phone tap - this feature would allow passengers to quickly call emergency services with a tap of their phone.
  • Auto-detection of route changes & alert - this feature would use GPS data to detect if a driver deviates from the expected route and alert the passenger if necessary.
  • Share location to trusted contacts - this feature would allow passengers to share their location with trusted contacts during a trip, providing an added layer of security.

RICE Feature Prioritisation

  • Reach - # of users who will notice this (Relatively scaled 1-5)
  • Impact - impact on increasing the user feeling of safety (0.25 = Minimal; 0.5 = Low; 1 = Medium; 2 = High; 3 = Massive)
  • Confidence - % confidence level (20% = Moonshot; 50% = Low Confidence; 80% = Medium Confidence; 100% = High Confidence)
  • Effort - Person months required (Relatively scaled 1-5)
RICE Framework Uber Safety Features

Top 3 safety features

  • Seat belt audio reminder
  • 911 phone tap assistance
  • Share location to trusted contacts

These features could be implemented relatively easily and would provide immediate benefits to a large number of users.