📅 Google Calendar Revenue
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Google Calendar is used by more than half a billion people and is available in different languages.

You’ve joined Google as Head of Product.

Problem Statement

Google Calendar generates revenue through businesses who have paid for the Google suite for making their work easier.

You, as a Head of Product, are asked to monetise Google Calendar further via personal accounts, with features that can easily generate revenue and not limited to corporate accounts.

Things to do

Product features to be rolled out on the current platform. Think about new features to drive retention and monetisation simultaneously. The data and insights you will need to support your recommendations. How the new features will align with the current set of features, etc.

  • Figma wireframes are preferred
  • Market sizing
  • Business opportunity
  • Monetisation strategy, if any
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Minimum Success Criteria (Metrics)

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