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Discord is an instant messaging social platform that offers features like VoIP, instant messaging, video calls and more. You can do this in private chats, and also as part of “servers” i.e. communities. With over 140 million monthly active users to date, Discord started in 2015 with the hopes of giving gamers a place to connect and communicate more easily.

You’ve joined Discord as Head of Product.

Problem Statement

Although the company’s strategy has been to be the go-to communication platform for all sets of users, it has always been associated with gaming communities, and you wish to break this misconception.

As head of product for Discord, you have decided to propose new features that'll interest more people outside of gaming - anyone looking to connect with others and discover their interests.

Feel free to research what’s happening around the world in the same space, and what the strategy for Discord is in the coming months. You are to chart a detailed plan.

Things to do

Product features to be rolled out on the current platform (think of what set of users can be targeted, how can you incentivise them to join discord, etc. Without using marketing campaigns.

  • Figma wireframes are preferred
  • Market sizing
  • Business opportunity
  • Monetisation strategy, if any
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Minimum Success Criteria (Metrics)

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