5 Why's

What is it?

5 Whys is an iterative technique to deep-dive and find the root cause of problems. Beyond the symptoms.

For example: Why I do not feel like going to the gym today.

Why? I feel tired

Why? I slept late yesterday

Why? I watched a sports match late into the night

Why? The World Cup is here and I do not want to miss it.

Why? I love watching the football World Cup which occur every 4 years once.

Why do you need it?

Dig deep and move from surface problems to find out the root cause.

Who uses it?

Product managers can use it to figure out if a feature needs to be built, or find out the root cause for user pain points.

How to use?

Simple to use. Ask Why five times starting with the surface problem. Don’t get tired till you get to the fifth answer.

Example use case: A business stakeholder says we should build a search feature into the product.

Why? Users are dropping off from home page.

Why? Users are not clicking on any product.

Why? Users are not finding relevant products quickly.

Why? Too many products and categories in the home page.

Why? We do not know what a user is looking for.

Okay, so you get it.

5 Whys by Kanbanize