RICE framework

What is it?

RICE is a simple framework for prioritisation - based on scoring. It is an acronym which stands for these 4 factors.

Reach - How many users will this feature affect?

Impact - What will be impact on this feature when the customer encounters it? This will be a relative scoring for each of your item.

0.25 = Minimal; 0.5 = Low; 1 = Medium; 2 = High; 3 = Massive

Confidence - Are you confident in your estimates? Again, relative it is

20% = Moonshot; 50% = Low Confidence; 80% = Medium Confidence; 100% = High Confidence.

Effort - How many resources x days will it take to build this feature?

Now, score it with this formula

Why do you need it?

It is a simple prioritisation tool and eliminates the bias/risk with a feature as you are taking confidence also into account.

Who uses it?

Almost every product manager use this tool for prioritisation.

When to use RICE framework

How to use?

List down the items for prioritisation, score them for R.I.C.E. Calculate the final RICE score and sort them in ascending order. This excel sheet will automatically do it for you

RICE formula to calculate priority order