HEART Framework

What is it?

HEART is a simple framework to help you think through what is going on with your product with user centred metrics. Originally developed to improve user experience It is an acronym than stands for

  • Happiness - are the users happy?
  • Engagement - are the users engaging with your product?
  • Adoption - how many users tried your product?
  • Retention - are they coming back?
  • Task Success - are users getting their desired outcome?

For each of this, you will track

  • Goals - What is it that you wish to happen?
  • Signals - What to measure (to realise if we are inching towards our goal)
  • Metrics - Translate these signals to metrics

Why do you need it?

  • Helps you focus on user experience and understand how every change impacts the way users use your product.
  • Ensure your product aligns with user needs

Tip: Customer journey doesn’t follow the acronym. It follows ATERH

Who uses it?

For product managers to prioritize features and improve user experience. It can be used by UX teams too.

Product Managers and UX Teams use HEART framework

How to use?

HEART framework is flexible and can be used for a single feature or the whole product in itself.

An example use case for Happiness:

What do you wish to happen? - I want user satisfaction

How to measure user satisfaction? - App store rating

Metric to measure app store rating - Changes in app store rating month on month

HEART Framework