🐳 Effort Estimator ⚑

What it does?

Estimate the cost to build your features 5x faster. Product 5X Effort Estimator helps you make quick decisions and plan better.

When to use?

You are working on a PRD or received a request from a stakeholder for a feature. You want to make an informed decision on whether to prioritise.

  • Lifetime access to Product 5X Effort Estimation tool. Estimate hours to build a feature with a few clicks.
  • Notion template to save your estimations for every feature.
  • Given a rough sketch or a wireframe, Product 5X Effort Estimator calculates the cost to develop, in hours per developer. Applies to MVPs, features, improvements, bugs and more.
  • User Guide
  • Avoid those long meetings discussing timelines. Plan your roadmap with more confidence.
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